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Felix Heidenreich is a political scientist and philosopher whose work centers on democracy, in particular the history of the ideas of democracy and the current crisis of democracy. He works as a scientific coordinator at the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT) at the University of Stuttgart and teaches at the Department of Social Sciences (at the Chair of Prof. Dr. André Bächtiger). He is also a research associate at the CEVIPOF in Paris.

His publications include a book and several papers on political emotions. His  “Habilitation” (or second thesis) develops a theory of Green Republicanism.

Another recurrent subject of his work is French philosophy and contemporary French politics.

He has a special interest in political metaphors, their power and their ability to transform themselves through recontextualization. His latest essay Political Metaphorology sheds light on these mechanisms via a mor political spin to Hans Blumenberg’s thinking.

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